Last month, Greenpeace UK hinted that golf courses could be put to better use and said that solar farms currently take up considerably less land.

Now, wildlife broadcaster Chris Packham has entered the debate. The 61-year-old took to Twitter to post an image from Greenpeace UK’s Instagram page that included the text: “Amount of land in the UK taken up by: Golf courses = 1,256 km2 Solar farms = 230 km2. If government ministers want to put our land to better use, why don’t they take a look at golf courses first?” In response, Packham wrote: “From @GreenpeaceUK on Instagram . . . simple story isn’t it. Bonkers isn’t it? Needs changing doesn’t it? Please follow @GreenpeaceUK”

Greenpeace UK originally made the claim after it was reported that Ranil Jayawardena, who was the UK environment secretary at the time, was exploring plans to ban solar farms on agricultural land, arguing that it hinders the government’s programme of growth-boosting food production

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