Some effective detective work has been done in tracking down some of the worst-offending climate polluters – from 200 miles above Earth.

More than 50 “super-emitters” of methane were discovered by Nasa scientists during a mission on the International Space Station in July.

Dozens of methane-spewing hubs were located in Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Southwestern United States.

Methane hotspots are typically caused by oil, gas and coal facilities and infrastructure along with landfills and agriculture.

Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas which has more than 80 times the heating power of the more prevalent carbon dioxide (CO2) over the first 20 years after it reaches the atmosphere.

On the upside, while CO2 can hang around in the atmosphere for centuries, methane lasts around a decade meaning that slashing its emissions can have a dramatic effect in a shorter period of time.

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