There are plenty of knowledgeable experts at the ministries, who know what needs to be done to restore UK wildlife, but there is simply a blockade by people at the top.
It is claimed ministers would step in and actively block projects that would actually make a difference. The example is red meat. It has been explained that the single most effective step we can take to stop destroying nature is to significantly cut meat consumption. This is due to the huge amount of land taken from nature to feed and graze livestock. A staggering 96 per cent of mammals on the planet are now either humans or the livestock raised to feed us. And two-thirds of that 96 per cent is livestock. Only 2 per cent are now the remaining wild mammals. But it is said that “ministers made absolutely clear that they could not touch this issue”.
The scale of our destruction of nature both in the UK and globally is staggering. Half the world’s rainforests have been bulldozed, whether for cattle ranches, soya livestock feed or rubber for the global car fleet. Up to 80 per cent of insect population mass has been lost to pesticide poisoning and habitat destruction. Since 1970, nearly 70 per cent of existing total global populations of most wildlife species have been destroyed by humans. the answer is known but short term politicians will not take the plunge and make the right decisions for the planet.

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