Northern Italy’s lakes and rivers are abnormally low after an unusually dry winter, farmers have warned.
The mighty Po River is Italy’s longest waterway. Flowing from the snowy Alps to the Adriatic Sea, the Po stretches more than 650km, nourishing crops and providing vital irrigation to arable land. But the river – and the farming communities who depend upon it – are under threat.
Last summer, record-breaking droughts reduced parts of the once-gushing waterway to a sluggish trickle. An unusually dry winter has brought little relief.
Next year’s harvest could be under threat, warns Stefano Greppi, head of the Farmers’ association of Pavia
“This winter has been very dry because there has been very little snowfall even on mountains, and the reservoirs are at historic lows, so the same situation as in 2022 is likely to occur again,” he says.

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