The UK remains the global leader in floating offshore wind amid a boom in global developments, according to the latest research from Renewable UK

The industry body revealed that the country’s generation pipeline has increased from 23GW to over 33GW in just 12 months – a 44 per cent boost – including a ramp up in potential projects from 29 to 51

These projects are being developed in the North Sea (Scottish and English waters), Celtic Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Floating offshore wind is now a burgeoning green industry, with Renewable UK reporting the pipeline for projects worldwide has more than doubled over the past year.

Projects going through the development process has soared from 91GW to 185GW.

This includes floating wind projects at any stage including operational, under construction, approved, in the planning system or at an early stage of development. 

The report calculates that floating wind capacity could reach 11GW in the UK, 31GW in Europe and 41GW globally by the end of the decade.

This would contribute significantly to both global net zero ambitions and the UK’s energy security strategy, with the country targeting 50GW of offshore wind generation by the end of the decade.

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