If carbon dioxide (CO₂) were a politician, it would be worried about its bad press. The greenhouse gas is the primary pollutant responsible for climate change.  Not only are scientists, leaders, and activists trying to halt its production, but they also want to capture it directly from the air and lock it underground where it will do less harm. Carbon helps form the protein and DNA found in living things. In the atmosphere, it combines with two oxygen molecules to form carbon dioxide.  
Carbon dioxide is a crucial ingredient in photosynthesis, the process by which plants turn energy from the sun to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugar. In return, plants emit oxygen.  
As carbon dioxide concentrations increase in the atmosphere, scientists are trying to hack photosynthesis to supercharge plant growth. In the Netherlands, some commercial greenhouses are experimenting with ways to route carbon dioxide emitted from industry into greenhouses where plants use the excess gas as fertilizer. When frozen, it forms dry ice, which is used to keep food cold over extended periods of time and quickly cool down hot machinery used during food production. Unlike water, which moves from a solid to a liquid to a gas as it warms, carbon dioxide moves directly from a solid to a gaseous state, avoiding messy puddles. 
Once food has been produced, carbon dioxide is essential for preserving it in its packaging. High concentrations of the gas prevent bacteria from spreading. In baked goods, it penetrates air bubbles, preventing mold and fungus from forming. Pure carbon dioxide is sterile and non toxic; it has a number of applications for surgical procedures. When surgeons perform an abdominal procedure called a laparoscopy, they inflate the abdomen with the gas, allowing them to make a smaller cut and resulting in quicker recovery. Yet, despite its abundance in the atmosphere, commercially produced carbon dioxide has been scarce because of rising energy costs. As a result, some brewers have had to raise prices or scale down production. The shortage reveals just how important carbon dioxide is. Both friend and foe, carbon dioxide is essential to life on Earth but crucial to limit

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