Lifestyle is central to healthy ageing, but the contribution of genetic factors is also important. Studies on some of the longest-living populations have shed light on the critical role of FOX03 in lifespan, dubbed the “longevity gene”. By activating this gene, one fruit may offer unparalleled protection against the damaging effects of free radicals. A great portion of longevity research has been done in populations of centenarians whose lifespan is almost twice the predicted length of the relevant population at the time of birth. This research has determined that a great number of centenarians carry a special variation of the FOX03 gene. This gene works by encoding a factor that has a significant impact on ageing and age-related phenotypes.
More specifically, the FOX03 gene affects lifespan by regulating the stress response. Hidden in all of our DNA is a gene called FOXO3. It can delay the ageing process, but it has to be activated by the right foods, According to the expert, seaweed, and algae are touted as key components of the Okinawan diet that activate the body’s genes. Another beneficial fruit is the bitter melon, adds the expert. There is a reason why foods like bitter melon have been preserved and passed down for generations in a place like Japan. They intuitively knew that this food was somehow good for you.”

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