The EU has made hydrogen the cornerstone of its strategy to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 with the share of hydrogen in the bloc’s energy mix seen reaching up to 20% by mid-century. The undersea pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille is to only carry hydrogen and should be completed by 2030, leaders said on Friday.
The H2MED project, agreed upon between the leaders of France, Portugal and Spain in October, was initially meant to first carry natural gas.
But speaking following a trilateral meeting ahead of a summit of EUMED leaders in Alicante, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa confirmed that the new corridor will be “exclusively dedicated to green hydrogen”. The pipeline should cost around €2.5 billion, according to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and enable the transport of two million tonnes of hydrogen per year.
French President Emmanuel Macron, for his part, confirmed that the three countries will submit the project to the European Commission to have it declared as a “project of common interest”. This would enable it to claim up to 50% of its cost from EU funds. 

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