The wind energy-powered plant was inaugurated by Porsche executives, with the filling of a 911 sports car with the first litres of fuel produced at the plant. The facility is operated by Chilean company Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) and Porsche says its current investment in the project stands at $100 million (£82 million). The fuel starts life as the wind driving wind turbines constructed in the Magallanes Province on the extreme south of Chile’s 2,700-mile length, where the wind blows hard (some sites have average wind speeds of well over 22mph) and frequently (more than 6,000 hours in a year).
The resulting renewable electricity is used to electrolyse water into oxygen and hydrogen with electrolysers from Siemens Energy. The “green” hydrogen is then combined with carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere to form synthetic methanol. Consisting of four parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and one part carbon, methanol is seen as an excellent hydrogen carrier. This process would be done with an MAN-supplied methanol synthesis reactor based on a Johnson Matthey design.

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