The hospitality industry has immense scope of embracing sustainability and going green. Waste management is a critical aspect and has a huge impact on any establishments environmental as well as financial bottom line. Irrelevant of your establishments size, effective waste management can help you optimize operations, save resources, cut down expenses and enhance your brand value, which can attract more customers. There are numerous areas within which you can work to improve your waste management. Food spoilage is a major contributor towards food waste. Incorporate a strict stock management and rotation system so that the stored food doesn’t spoil or expire before it can be used. Check the use-by dates of all products daily. A shocking percentage of food waste which can be composted goes into landfill. Avoid this by investing in a compactor container. A roll off self-contained compactor for instance is ideal for all food halls as it is designed for places which have a space constraint, has leak-proof units, requires minimal maintenance and is durable. It can reduce volumes of wet waste without jamming or leaking. It can be firmly installed on site for convenient operation. For many more useful suggestions go to to improve the vast industry called hospitality.

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