The UK Government has presided over a “lost decade” and failed to adequately plan and adapt to climate change, its advisers have said. A new report from the Climate Change Committee (CCC), which advises the Government on its climate policy, concluded that its lack of planning and failure to implement adaptation policies where they exist risks exposing the UK to a host of climate-related threats. The CCC examined the preparedness of various sectors such as food security, water supply, transport, health, business, agriculture and finance and found adaptation efforts to be “lacking across the board”.
Of the 45 adaptation outcomes the Government wants to achieve, the CCC said only five have fully credible plans, while there is no evidence of effective measures being implemented in any of them. Last summer was an example and a warning with the record-breaking 40C temperatures, 1,000 heat-related deaths, 20% of hospital operations cancelled, rail disruption, widespread drought and a spate of wildfires that destroyed dozens of homes. The Government’s lack of urgency on climate resilience is in sharp contrast to the recent experience of people in this country. People, nature and infrastructure face damaging impacts as climate change takes hold. These impacts will only intensify in the coming decades.”
Not only are we ill-equipped for what’s happening now, but we’re also nowhere near ready for what could happen in the future, the government is ready however to commit extra spending for European wars, building nuclear submarines for foreign countries, extend permits for new oil and coal extraction, waste 100 billion on rail networks that will never finish, fund African governments to house refugees from wars previous governments started, and so it goes on and on.

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