Earth is teeming with rocks heated to 752 degrees just 12 miles below the surface that could provide the world with limitless clean energy – but accessing them is easier said than done.
Clean Air Task Force released a report on the breakthrough that could be available by 2030, but also notes the deepest borehole ever drilled was only eight miles.
However, areas with a volcano only need to be dug around two miles to access the rocks.
The energy systems would release water to where the rocks are heated to 752 degrees Fahrenheit and then flow back to the surface to power generators that would only cost $20 to $35 per megawatt-hour – natural gas has skyrocketed to more than $84.
The group recently conducted testing in Iceland where they only needed to drill two miles because of a volcano and were able to produce five times the megawatts of energy generated by a conventional geothermal well.

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