After three years of development, Scotland’s  leading multidisciplinary arts and events venue SWG3 marked the switch on of the landmark BODYHEAT system.  The radical new thermal heating and cooling system harnesses body heat from the the visitors of the venue and stores the heat in 200-meter deep boreholes to heat or cool the venue later.
The BODYHEAT system was activated for the very first time at a special launch event where guests were invited to take part in a very special rendition of the famous Slosh. The heat generated during the event will  be used to heat or cool the venue in the days and weeks to come.
Heat is transported using a carefully selected carrier fluid through a closed network of pipes to heat pumps in the plant room, before going 200m underground to the 12 U-shaped boreholes for storage. When the energy is ready to be used, it travels back to the heat pumps where it is upgraded to a suitable temperature and emitted back into SWG3’s event spaces.

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